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Republic of Belarus, 231761, Grodno region, Skidel, Promyshlennaya, 1

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Welcome to everyone who visited the site of the open joint-stock company Agrokombinat Skidelsky!

The historical date of the formation of JSC "Agrokombinat" Skidelsky "- 1944, when after the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders the Grodno regional office" Zagotzerno "began to work, uniting the grain receiving points of the region, which ensure the harvesting and storage of grain.

Seven decades that have passed since the distant post-war years are marked by the establishment of JSC "Agrokombinat Skidelsky", which currently produces a wide range of quality milling, feed and groats products. It is gratifying to note that the activities of Agrokombinat Skidelsky in the 21st century are large-scale changes in the management structure, the accession and development of enterprises of the agro-industrial complex.

The branch of bakery products, which started out from procuring activity, expanded its influence on the production and processing of agricultural products, uniting the structural units with intra-farm connections into a single mechanism. The construction of new enterprises and workshops, the modernization of agricultural production and processing industry allowed to increase the production capacity of the Agro-processing plant several times. A unified system of production and sales of a wide range of agricultural products has been created. We grow and conserve grain for both the production of flour for bakery, and for full-fat feeds for animals and poultry, thus preserving and increasing the traditions of distant post-war years.

Currently, pig farming, poultry and cattle are grown in OJSC "Agrokombinat Skidelsky" and nine branches located in six districts of the Grodno region; milk, flour, mixed fodder, cereals, rapeseed oil and cake; processed pork and poultry. The collective of Agrokombinat became the leader in terms of the volume and quality of the products not only in the Grodno region, but also in the Republic of Belarus. The brand "Pansky gatunak" became a well-known brand. Due to its excellent quality, environmental safety, wide range of products, the products are in demand not only in Belarus, but also in other countries. The decisions taken to reorganize and modernize the production facilities of the Agro-Combine have been implemented by more than one generation of workers in the procurement areas, in the shops and directly in the agricultural units currently in use, despite the territorial disunity, the unified name of the open joint-stock company Agrokombinat Skidelsky. Our more than five thousandth collective hard work has achieved the right to be called one of the leading in the industry and to represent Grodno region on a countrywide scale - the Republic of Belarus.

We will be sincerely glad to see you among our business partners and are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.